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AC/DC Beer5% 24 x 56.8 cl.
AC DC Thunderstruck Tequila Blanco40% 70 cl.
AC DC Thunderstruck Tequila Reposado40% 70 cl.
Behemoth Perun Sacrum Beer6.2% 50 cl.
Behemoth Perun Profanum Beer5.6% 50 cl.
Ghost Grale Beer Scotch Ale6.6% 33 cl.
Ghost Juniper Gin40% 70 cl.
HammerFall Templar Champagne 12.5% 75 cl.
HammerFall Vodka40% 70 cl.
In Flames IKON No. 13 Gin43% 50 cl.

New products

Judas Priest Dark Spiced Rum 37,5% 50 cl.
Scorpions Pale Lager 20 x 50cl. 4,8%
Rammsteiner Pilsner 4,9% 50 cl.
Trooper Day of Death by Iron Maiden 4,7% 50 cl.
Trooper Sun and Steel by Iron Maiden 4,8% 33 cl.

News & Updates

British heavy metal pioneer Judas Priest releases it's first spirit.

31 October 2019

The band Judas Priest releases a surprising Dark Spiced Rum. With absolutely no room for compromises just like their music, the Judas Priest Spiced Rum packs a punch with spicy notes of arrack, vanilla, burnt sugar and raisins. With an alcohol percentage of 37,5%, it’s a warming and smooth rum with layers of flavours to discover whilst also remaining easily drinkable.

50cl. 37,5% Vol.

New: Scorpions Pale Lager beer

29 October 2019

The legendary rock band Scorpions launches a new beer!

Scorpions Pale Lager Bier is produced by the German brewery Aktienbrauerei Kaufbeuren. It's a beer of change!

50cl. 4,8% Vol.


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We are an official distributor of spirits, wines and beers of rock- and metal bands. We take care of the distribution of these drinks throughout Europe in co-operation with the management of the different bands.

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