Beers, wines or spirits from your favorite Rock- or Metal band



AC/DC Beer 5% 24 x 56.8 cl.
Behemoth Bafomet Stout 10,6% 33 cl.
Behemoth Bartzabel Fruit Sour Passion Fruit 4,7% 50 cl.
Behemoth Bartzabel Fruit Sour Raspberry 4,7% 50 cl.
Behemoth Sacrum IPA 6.2% 50 cl.
Behemoth Profanum Black IPA 5.6% 50 cl.
Fallen Angel British Vodka 44.7% 70 cl.
Heaven's Door Double Barrel 50% 70cl.
Heaven's Door Straight Rye 43% 70cl.
Heaven's Door Tennessee Bourbon 42% 70cl.

New products

Volbeat Seal the Deal Rum 40% 70 cl.
Motörhead Ace of Spades Straight Bourbon 45% 70cl.
Volbeat 20 yrs Limited Edition Rum 40% 70cl.
Rammstein Vodka 40% 70 cl.



05 December 2022

Volbeat Seal The Deal Rum is a lighter rum than the band’s previous rums, blended to be versatile enough to be enjoyed on its own while also bringing your favorite cocktails to life. Blended from hand selected Caribbean rums hailing most prominently from the Dominican Republic and Trinidad & Tobago. Seal The Deal is a blend of unaged and three to five year aged column distilled rums, aged in ex-bourbon barrels at their origin before being transported for blending. The golden rum has a smooth finish with notes of vanilla, orange, licorice, and caramel.

Quote from Michael Poulsen, Volbeats vocalist and guitarist: “We searched far and wide to find a rum that was ready for any occasion and worthy of the Volbeat seal of approval, and we found it with Seal The Deal. We’re extremely proud to add Seal The Deal to our line of rums, and we can’t wait for you to raise a glass or mix a cocktail with us.”

New: Motörhead Ace of Spades Straight

22 September 2022

Motörhead Ace of Spades Straight Bourbon is a 90 proof, high rye bourbon produced and bottled by award winning small-batch Proof Artisan Distillers from Fargo, ND.

Spice and grains take the lead with cinnamon, rye, black pepper and a hint of mint. The 90 proof warmth quickly eases into full bodied bourbon notes of oak, caramelized brown sugar, tobacco and cocoa. Complex waves of spice and sweetness take alternating turns with each approach of the tasting. This Motörhead approved Bourbon is aged 4 years on charred oak and would certainly make Lemmy proud.


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We are an official distributor of spirits, wines and beers of rock- and metal bands. We take care of the distribution of these drinks throughout Europe in co-operation with the suppliers or the management of the different bands.

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